Joe Ardagna & Whitney Smith

joe-ardagna-whitney-smithIf you watch the flow of clients who step inside the hair studio of Joe Ardagna and Whitney Smith you’ll see miraculous transformations. Guests walk in looking nice but walk out looking beautiful.

And it’s not just one or two; it seems that everyone who crosses their path is bitten by the beauty bug. That’s because Joe is a Board Certified Hair Colorist with 35 years of experience and has a passion for making ordinary hair extraordinary. “We treat our customers like royalty. I pick a hair color that compliments their skin, their age and their hair texture. Whether it’s with hair, make-up, color or extensions I personalize a complete look for them that fits their life-style and allows their beauty to shine.”

You don’t have to convince Debbie Petrell of Joe’s natural talent. She has been going to Joe to cut and highlight her blond tresses for years, and is anything but nonchalant about it. “I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Joe makes me look young and does a single process that adds color and highlight to my hair. I come every four weeks,” said Petrell who walked out of Joe’s shop with a spring in her step.

There is something special about the Joe Whitney team. They complement each other in different yet similar ways. Each is passionate about transforming hair by way of color, cut, extensions and Keratin treatments. The results as joe calls it, is the Wow Factor. Whitney doesn’t mention it, but her clients swear she has it. “Whitney is amazing. She has been coloring and cutting my hair for two years. She gave me a Keratin treatment and my hair is silky and smooth and I don’t need a blow dryer. My husband doesn’t understand why I drive so far to get my hair colored, but I would drive to Miami to see Whitney if I had to. For my wedding she did the most beautiful updo,” said Colene Frost of West Palm Beach.

Both Joe and Whitney specialize in making clients feel and look beautiful. Sometimes that means adding extensions to make hair thicker or longer in length. The process is a bit arduous but both Joe and Whitney are so focused on this beauty enhancing task that clients often relax while undergoing their transformation. The reason is simply that the results speak for themselves. “When I first started going to Joe I had short blond hair that was damaged. When I found Joe he totally transformed my hair. He added extensions to make it longer and suggested adding ombre highlights. All of my friends say my hair looks striking and no one can tell I’m wearing extensions. He’s the best,” said Audra Murray.

Whitney is equally as revered as Joe in the beauty arena. That is why their rather small space seems larger because of the camaraderie and shared respect. Some say it’s like being with family; others call it a home away from home. Lauren Hall went to grade school with Whitney and now goes to see her every two weeks to have her hair colored. “My hair was chin length and I wanted to grow it long and Whitney said, ‘If you want healthy long hair give me a year.’ Now my hair goes down to the middle of my back and I get Keratin treatments to relax my hair and make it smooth and silky. I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my hair but Whitney,” said Hall, whose blond tresses looked camera ready when she left.

Joe and Whitney share the belief that hair is delicate but pliable enough to withstand anything that Mother Nature blows its way. You can see it in their fierce determination and self assurance that hair can be trained and tamed to match the person’s inner beauty. There’s no drama, but a lot of skill and passion in action. Joe is adamant that Whitney has the DNA to be the best in her field and Whitney’s mega watt smile is proof positive that her calling is hair styling and coloring. “Joe is so caring, and when he touches you your life is changed. The way he does color is one step ahead of anyone else. He knows exactly what color will look good on each person;· said Whitney who was born and raised in Delray Beach.

It can be said that time is of no importance when in the company of this dynamic duo. At 7pm on a weekday the pace of beautification is still in full swing. Louise, who was born in England, met Whitney when she cut her husband’s hair. Now she comes every few weeks to have her chestnut brown roots touched up and refreshed by Whitney. ”A lot of colorists dry out your hair, but not Whitney. She is a first class professional stylist. I am thrilled to have found her.”

Happy clients like Louise are what both Whitney and Joe are good at cultivating. “We bend over backwards to please our clients. You have to love this business and wow clients, otherwise you won’t last,” adds Joe.

It looks like the Wow Factor has permeated the premises because it’s been 35 years for Joe and seven for Whitney and their popularity continues to soar.

Joe Ardagna

Whitney Smith 561-351-1617